Special Thanks

This message goes out to "The Sewing Granny" for inspiring me to do this blog.  A few years have passed since she contacted me to help her refresh her sewing skills. Those lessons turned into special Sundays where we just hung out and sewed something.  We turned blankets into jackets,  crafted fabric bags and flags, sewed up scrub tops and lounge pants.

It was early in those lessons when I asked "what do you want to make" -  to which she replied she wanted to do a hoodie.  She still wears that green hoodie...it is on its second zipper and still going strong.

She embraced knits without any hesitation. Understand, I didn't have issues sewing knits, I was just not passionate about them...but I went in whatever sewing direction she wanted to venture.  She developed enough passion for knits for both of us.  She made hoodies and T's for everone in her family, herself, and friends.   "I hate knits" was my mantra until last year and I gave in.  And I'm not looking back. My wardrobe will finally get a much needed update in 2014.

Much has happened in her life since her dear husband lost his battle with cancer in July, 2012.  She's no longer able to hang out with me on a weekly basis but allows me to drag her with me to fabric shops and accompanies me on the hour long ride to and from our sewing guild meetings.  I treasure every minute we get to spend together.

And through it all, we sew.


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