Knit Notions

Different notions are required for successfully sewing knits.

Test pins and needles on a scrap of the knit you will be sewing. This is important for both a conventional machine and serger. Although I don't always use a fresh needle when I change projects, I do always sew a test piece and check for needle cuts, picks or puckers.  And if I have any doubts, I take the needle out of the machine and jab it through the fabric and if you hear a 'pop' as the needle penetrates the fabric, or if there's resistance going through, change needles. Listen as you sew and periodically check seams, needles can dull or burr without warning. 

Items you might consider adding to your sewing toolbox if you don't already have them:
  • Scissors with serrated blades
  • Ball point pins
  • Ball point or stretch sewing machine needles
  • Stay tape for stabilizing seams

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